Many people assume that financial planning primarily deals with cold hard cash. Most financial planners would disagree. Financial planning is the process of aligning your financial choices with your life passions. And although financial planning can tell you how to accomplish your goals, it cannot tell you what your goals should be. Values transcend the cash and the numbers.

We love to dream with our clients about their answer to the question: “What is the money for?”

Then, we structure their investment plans around meeting these goals.

The Happy Habits of Appreciation and Gratitude
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Life planning begins as thoughts and ultimately shapes our entire destiny.

A Year of Financially Healthy Habits
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It is the season of spring cleaning, so here’s a calendar of ways to clean up your finances one step at a time.

Financial Planning Lessons from Downton Abbey: Part 2
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Lord Grantham, the master of Downton Abbey, continues to offer insightful financial lessons as he bumbles his wealth management responsibilities.

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