It is not easy to make changes. People often assume that to be rich they need to inherit piles of cash or do something drastic to save enormous amounts of money. It is true that you need savings to build wealth, but you do not need a sudden windfall. Small changes have large effects over time.

A cash flow analysis establishes your current spending and saving rates. This helps us check progress toward your financial goals, estimate potential retirement income, or draft a spending and saving plan.

Our financial planning team provides clients with cash-flow analysis, savings plans, gifting strategies, capital needs analysis (life insurance), debt reduction, home-purchase analysis, life transitions planning, and estate planning solutions.

A cash flow analysis and net worth statement are the first steps for a Retirement Plan Analysis.

How Much Can I Withdraw in Retirement?

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We have calculated safe withdrawal rates for ages 0 to 100 based on age-appropriate asset allocation mixes.

How to Factor Social Security into Your Safe Withdrawal Rate

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Carefully computing and adding your Social Security early retirement safe withdrawal rate can safely boost your early retirement standard of living without jeopardizing your future finances.

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